CotA will be the ultimate gamers community on Solana
backed by stunning pixel art
original story
and clever NFTonomics


A story about two old friends now enemies
Light vs Darkness…
God vs Satan…

Once upon a time, two mighty cosmic entities, known as “God” and “Satan”, were wandering around the universe and discovered a new planet which they called “Earth”. They instantly saw the potential this land had, a sandbox to create life as they always dreamed of.


At first, they shared a common vision to build this new world. And so they started by conceiving simple lifeforms, starting with vegetals, so that the ground becomes more colorful and appealing.


Then as they matured in their skills of “world shapers”, they tried to produce more complex lifeforms, animals. They failed, many times. But with hard work and cooperation, they eventually managed to come up with interesting creations that were cohabitating with each other.

They called them their “children”.

After millions of years of shaping their world, the two cosmic entities had become quite talented in crafting life, their children were more and more complex, and the population on Earth was starting to grow rapidly.


But God was clearly a better creator than Satan. His children were more intelligent, more agile, more robust. Jealousy started to arise. With time, jealousy turned into anger, and anger turned into madness. Satan’s insanity totally consumed him, and his creations were becoming atrocious, and even dangerous for the other lifeforms. The two friends became enemies, and they no longer agreed with each other on the future they had planned for Earth.


Ultimately, a fight ensued between the two, so brutal it almost devastated their cherished planet and all their children. Even if both were deeply injured, Satan had to admit he was defeated. He decided to retreat under the surface of the Earth, surrounded by darkness and gloomy thoughts…

It has been too long. Way too long since Satan didn’t set foot on the surface of the Earth. And even if the defeat against God weakened him, he has been preparing his revenge against his nemesis for a very long time. By raising a gigantic army of bloodthirsty and abominable creatures underground, he shall be victorious.


God, on the other hand, continued to fulfill his dream of creating life on Earth. His numerous creations have been living prosperously for millions of years. They are now populating a large portion of the habitable lands, and he couldn’t be prouder of what he achieved, alone.


But God isn’t oblivious, he knew his old enemy would want revenge after being defeated many moons ago. So he also got prepared, and crafted the most advanced children he ever did: the Humans. And to make sure they would be faithful to him and despise Satan at the same time, he came up with a very powerful concept: Religion.

The year is 666. God knows Satan can strike at any moment now. Hopefully, religion has been gaining a lot of popularity among humans, especially since God created Jesus of Nazareth to preach in his favor. So God made sure to warn his most faithful children, the Bishops, that a terrible and occult threat was incoming. Satan will come back to take revenge, and the Bishops were designated as the holy protectors of life on Earth.


Now God couldn’t be more true, the time had come, Satan and his evil children are ready to come up to the surface. Rumors are even saying some villagers felt tremors under their feet, getting stronger and stronger these last few weeks, as if the underground was… ALIVE.


Both sides are about to engage in the most violent battle there ever was in the history of this world.


We call them The Children of the Almighties.


2 collections, 2 sides fighting for the domination of Earth’s surface

The Krampus

Bloodthirsty creatures created by Satan to slaughter every Human on Earth

5 distinct races

The Ukuls is the superior Krampus race. More intelligent than their peers, they most often occupy a position of leader in Satan’s army. Though, it doesn’t stop them from taking a lot of pleasure into slaying as many humans as they can.

The Krams are always craving for blood, the fresher the better. Their favorite prey are the human babies. They often spit blood to unsettle their enemies, only to devour them entirely right after.

Thanks to a very special organ in the throat, the Groks can throw boiling lava at their opponents making them very efficient for medium distance combat and slowly burning alive everything coming across their path.

The Karks are the strongest and tankiest Krampus of them all. They shine in close combat, and their favorite activity is to chop the heads of their enemies.

The Sikos are real gluttons, eating fresh meat in humongous quantities. Their digestive system is more elaborated than the other races, with a special organ dedicated to produce an acid bile they can throw at their enemies.

The Bishops

Holy protectors of God’s most evolved children : Humans

Details about the Bishops will be revealed later on…


A community focused around gaming
while also pleasing art lovers and NFT degens

$COTA Token

Games Events
with NFT Trophies

Advanced Breeding

An innovative way to stake your NFTs : PvP Staking

  • Stake, Stake, Stake !

    Stake your Children to earn $COTA daily
    6 $COTA/Day/NFT

  • Send your Children to War !

    Weekly “Battles” between Krampus and Bishops
    The side with the most stacked Children will receive bonus rewards for the whole week until the next Battle.

  • More Rewards !

    Rewards multipliers based on rarity
    One-time events with boosted rewards

Get rewarded to play your favorite video games
and win precious NFT Trophies and special prizes

  • Community Games Events

    We'll host Games Events regularly with our community

  • Competitive Games Tournaments

    Based on what you play, we'll choose to host tournaments on famous competitive games : Counter Strike, League of Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, Overwatch, Age of Empires, Apex, Unreal Tournament, and many more...

  • Solo Games Challenges

    Some gamers are more attracted to solo games. We'll try to find fun ways to challenge our members, like speedruns or specific games challenges...

  • Get Rewarded for Playing !

    Win $COTA just for participating in the events.
    YES, just for participating !
    Win NFT Trophies and some very special prizes if you or your team win the event !
    NFT Trophies will be part of the lore, hard and rare to obtain.

2nd Gen Breeding

  • The Battle is not over...

    The battle is fierce, both sides might need some help…

  • 2nd Generations NFTs

    Each side will have a new collection.
    More powerful Children.
    More badass.
    You're not ready !

  • Advanced Breeding System

    Breeding will be a combination of spending $COTA and NFT Trophies. We're also thinking of adding quests to obtain other items which you'll be able to craft... All of it to make the breeding experience funnier than just clicking a simple button - exact details to be determined later.

Click for detailed Tokenomics

Passive Gains
via Staking

Active Gains
via Games Events


-Discord opening via an interactive event inside Portals Metaverse (check the room here)

-Start building the community

-Start the Whitelist process (no grinding, easy WL opportunities for gamers)

-Whitelist Collaborations with selected DAOs (only official collabs approved by the DAOs).

Phase 1

-Release the Krampus Collection
Supply : 1666 / Price : TBA based on market conditions

-Listing on Magic Eden

-Basic Staking for the Krampus

-Holder verification in Discord/Sales bot/Rarity chart

Phase 2

-Start working on the Bishops collection

-Launch our first Games Events

-Launch the first Community Quests

-Marketing to attract even more holders : partnerships with Twitch Streamers and YouTubers, tournaments with other Solana NFT projects, NFT giveaways...

Phase 3

-Release the Bishops Collection
Supply : 1666 / Price : TBA based on market conditions

-Listing on Magic Eden

-PvP Staking with Weekly Battles

Phase 4

-GEN2 Collections, unique to each side.

-More details in due time...

Phase 5

"Wen Metaverse ?"

"Wen Game ?"

"Wen World Domination ?"

We don't like false promises.
We can't predict the future, yet 😈.

Just know we are here for the long-term and already have some big ideas, but for the moment we prefer to deliver a strong base.

The community will also play a key role in helping us to decide where Children of the Almighties will be heading to.

Phase 666


🇫🇷 SeFi
Project Lead

Digital Marketer
Trading JPEGs since August 2021
Gamer (mostly FPS) since forever
Metalhead/Record Label Owner
Favorite Games:
Final Fantasy VII, of course. Counter Strike, Overwatch (main Phara), and a lot more...

🇫🇷 Saindoux
CM/Events Organizer

IT Analyst
Gaming enthusiast since forever

Favorite Games:
The Wind Waker, Mass Effect, Ark, The Binding of Isaac, Counter Strike and more !

🇫🇷 Kai

Pixel Artist
Game/Graphic Designer
Parkour Instructor

Favorite Games:
Final Fantasy XI, Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter series, Kirby series, etc...


2 Collections. First the Krampus. Then the Bishops. 

Right after the mint of the Krampus collection for the basic Staking.

PvP staking will come once the Bishops collection is released.

- Playing games is fun, it’s even more fun when you play with other people, and make friends.

- P2E/Crypto Games aren’t really fun to play right ? It’ll certainly come someday though. But while we wait, why not have fun playing famous games we all love.

Yes. That's one of our main reason why we think we can attract a lot of gamers!

No worries ! We'll still accept you in our community, even if you're here just for the art and the potential gains via staking 🙂

Join our Discord and check the #wl-announcements channel, there are lots of easy way to get a WL for gamers.

Yes, we got a 100/100 score via Alder Mages doxxing service.

Attracts 3 profiles :

- Gamers with Games Events

- NFT degens with innovative staking

- Art lovers with superb art crafted by a talented pixel artist

And of course a team of talented and motivated geeks and gamers looking to create a great community thanks to the power of NFTs !